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Name: Dylan Neal
Born: October 8, 1969, in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada, but relocated to Oakville six months later.
Height: 6' 2" - 1.88 m
Family: Married since 1996, two children
School: Went to Appleby College, an all-boys private school with no theater program. His mother was a teacher there. The last two years of schooling he went to Blakelock high school in Oakville. At Blakelock, he took drama and fell in love with acting.
Sports: As a teenager, he considered becoming a professional squash player but acting won
Favorite Childhood Hangout: The toy department at K-Mart

Quote: “If anything scares me, I have to do it (1995)”
Quote: One of his high schools believed in corporal punishment. “We called on of the paddles 'The Big Mac.' You couldn't sit down after getting whacked (1995)”

People about Dylan Neal

J. Michael Straczynski on casting for "Babylon5: Legend of the Ranges: To Live and Die in Starlight.":
I've always had a very simple approach to casting: I sit in a room until the character walks in the door, and that's the person I hire. When Enid-Raye [Adams] came in, I explained that [her character] is a warrior priest, and that logic, therefore, is that she's the closest we're going to have to a nun. She then turned around, and on the next take, she was that character. She was a Minbari. And that was it—no one else came close. Dylan was right at the top category from the very beginning. He has a great preparation, and he can memorize vast amounts of my words, and not stumble over them—he actually can make them sound better than they are on paper. All things considered, it was a pretty fast casting session. I knew when [the actors] left the room who it would be. We had full authorization to cast both from Vancouver and L.A., but we found what we wanted right here, so why go elsewhere?
Source: SciFi Weekly Interview iss 225

Melissa J. Perenson, reviewing Legend of the Rangers:
Although Neal's boyish good looks make it easy to wonder if he should be captaining a ship, the actor proves himself more than capable of carrying the movie on his shoulders. From the outset, Neal is comfortable in his role, and he shows he can move from casual humor to drama to in-the-trenches action with ease.
Source: SciFi Movie and TV Reviews iss 247

Dylan Neal about Ranger Captain David Martell

What did you have to do to come up to speed on Babylon 5?
Neal: As each day went by, I started getting the impression that I'd walked into something a little bigger than I'd thought [laughs]. I was just expecting a sci-fi movie and that would be it. But obviously Babylon 5 is a very in-depth series with a real mythology behind it. I went to the Internet because I had no idea who Joe and Doug were; I'd seen them at the audition and assumed they were the big guns, but didn't know who they were. And that's how I found out that, ironically, I'd worked with them 14 years earlier on one of their early series, Captain Powers and the Soldiers of the Future; I was a recurring character on that, and it was my second job ever. The fans had found that out before we'd figured it out for ourselves.

I did research on what a Minbari looked like, who's a Centauri; I didn't know what any of these aliens were. I was on the Net as much as I could, and talked to Joe [about B5]. And each day I find out a little bit more about the mythology of Babylon 5.

Tell us about who David Martel is.

Neal: Well, I guess he's a little different from your typical Ranger as established by Babylon 5. As I understand it, Rangers have a very strict code that you follow, and they don't deviate from that. David is, I'm not going to say he's a loose canon, because he's not, but he's human, he's not Minbari. He has human flaws. He is different, he is unpredictable, and the High Council can't assume David will do this or that. With this character, you're going to see flaws, and you're going to see mistakes that are made—but he's a well-rounded character.

When we first meet David, he's showing exactly how different he can be. How does his role in this film evolve?

Neal: That's where we join him at the beginning of this saga. David has wanted to be a Ranger his whole life, ever since he was a little kid. And he's devoted himself to that, becoming a captain. And while as second-in-command of another ship, because the captain gets injured, he's suddenly in command. He makes a decision that's contrary to the rule of the Rangers, where we live for The One, we die for The One, and we're supposed to pursue until death. He gives the order to stand down, which shocks everybody, and he's sort of in jeopardy of being tossed out of the Rangers. G'Kar steps in and helps him stay within the Rangers, but everybody in the High Council is keeping an eye on him now. He's been given a second chance with the Liandra.
Source: SciFi Weekly Interview iss 247


Appeared in several productions in high school, and his drama teacher inspired him to try for an acting career.

Worked in Toronto for five years while still living in Oakville, doing both U.S. and Canadian projects. Arrived in Hollywood in February 1992 - with no agent, no money and no place to live.

Came close to landing the role of Billy on Melrose Place.

Enjoys watching hockey. Once owned a motorcycle.

One of his hobbies is woodworking, and he's quite an accomplished carpenter.
He once supplied furniture to a store in Beverly Hills.
He likes creating - and at one point considered a career as an illustrator in advertising.

When he got the role on "The Bold and the Beautiful" he could afford to buy furniture - he'd been sleeping on a blow-up air mattress until then.

Had a cat as a kid and two as a grown-up

Was afraid of roller coasters as a kid.

Together with Maitlaned Ward, his "The Bold and the Beautiful" co-star, he was a judge on STAR SEARCH in Orlando, Florida.

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