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All convention appearances will be work permitting.

Convention Agent:
Contact: Julie Adams
phone: 1-416-726-3684


2010 - Gatecon 10 in Vancouver, Canada, July 8th to 11th, 2010

Visit the GateCon website

Work permitting, Dylan Neal will be at GateCon.com 2010 in Vancouver.
GateCon is a Stargate themed convention - more for the three TV versions than for the movie, so since Dylan was in one episode of Stargate Atlantis - playing the brother of John Sheppard no less - he's now part of the Stargate family.

Other guests are:
Stargate SG-1: Beau Bridges, Dan Shea, Barry Campbell, John DeLancie, Corin Nemec, Bruce Woloshyn, Musetta Vander, Teryl Rothery, JR Bourne, Cliff Simon, Tony Amendola, Dan Payne, Colin Cunningham, Erick Avari, Alex Zahara, Steve Bacic, Vanessa Angel, Doug Abrahams.

Stargate Atlantis: David Nykl, Andee Frizzell, Martin Wood.

Stargate Universe: Lou Diamond Philips.

Crew or Non-SG: Jerry Rector, Sabine Bauer, Simon Ager, Erin Gray.

2010 - RingCon in Bonn, Germany, October 15th to 17th, 2010

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Work permitting, Dylan Neal will be at RingCon.com in Bonn, Germany.
RingCon started as a convention about Lord of of the Rings, but has in later years expanded to include other fantasy favorites such as Harry Potter and Twilight.
And why limit themselves to one vampire fandom when there are others?
So actors from Blood Ties were invited for RingCon 2009, and since Dylan was unable to attend at the last minute, they invited him again for RC 2010.
I wish Dylan Neal lots of work - EXCEPT October 15th to 17th, 2010 - where I hope to see him at RingCon ;-)


RingCon in Bonn, October 2009

Unfortunately Dylan Neal had to cancel because of work

FrightCon in Bonn, summer 2009

FrightCon was canceled, but the people behind it invited Dylan to their RingCon convention instead.


In 2008 Dylan was supposed to be at several JumpCons.
Sadly they were all canceled, and even worse, no money were refunded, so some fans lost a lot of money.


Dylan Neal was at MegaCon,
that took place in Orlando, Florida on March 7 - 9, 2008.

At the convention, he did a 50-minute panel with Kyle Schmid.