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Dylan Neal MOVIES - including TV movies
Year made Title Role Director Availability, Etc
2011 Obsession Tom George Erschbamer NA
Co-starring Charisma Carpenter .
2011 He Loves Me Nick Jeff Renfroe NA
2011 Another Man's Wife Brian Warner Anthony LeFresne NA
2011 Ice Road Terror Neil Conroy Terry Ingram NA . MOW for the SyFy channel - action!
2010 My Family's Secret aka
Dark Places
Jason Darcie Curtis Crawford DVD: R0
Starring Nicole Tom and Philip Riccio.
2010 Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief Hermes the Greek God Chris Columbus DVD: R1, R2
Starring Logan Leman, Kevin McKidd, Pierce Brosnan, Sean Bean, Uma Thurman and more.
2010 The Traveler aka
Mr. Nobody aka
Mister Vendetta
Detective Alex Black Michael Oblowitz DVD: R1, R2
Also starring Val Kilmer, Paul McGillion and John Cassini.
2008 Storm Seekers aka
Hurricane Hunter
Ryan Stewart George Mendeluk DVD: R2
Also starring Darryl Hannah
2007 No Brother of Mine, TV
aka My Brother, My Keeper
aka Secret Past
aka Lethal Obsession
Stuart St. Clair Philippe Gagnon DVD: NA
Co-stars: Kellie Martin, Adam MacDonal. Lifetime MOW
2007 Matters of Life and Dating TV
aka The Art of Dating
Guy DeMayo Peter Wellington Available on iTunes
Co-stars: Rickie Lake, Holly Robinson Peete. Lifetime MOW
2006 Cradle of Lies, TV Jack Collins Oley Sassone NA.
Also starring Shannon Sturges. Lifetime MOW
2005 Vampire Bats. Dan Dryer Eric Bross DVD: R2, R4.
Also starring Lucy Lawless.
2005 Locusts. Dan Dryer David Jackson DVD: R2, France
Also starring Lucy Lawless.
2005 Chupacabra Terror.
aka Chupacabra: Dark Seas
Lance John Shepphird DVD: R1, R2.
2004 Extreme Dating Sean Lorena David DVD: R1, R2.
2002 Landspeed. Young Brian Sanger Christian McIntire DVD: R1, R2.
starring Ray Wise as the older Brian Sanger.
2002 40 Days and 40 Nights
aka 40 jours et 40 nuits (France)
David Brokaw Michael Lehmann DVD: R1, R2.
starring Josh Hartnett
2002 Babylon 5: The Legend of the Rangers: To Live and Die in Starlight, TV
aka Spacecenter Babylon 5 - Legende der Ranger
David Martell Michael Vejar DVD: R1, R2, R4.
Pilot that wasn't picked up.
2001 XCU: Extreme Close Up Lew Constant Sean S. Cunningham NA
2000 The President's Man. Deke Slater Eric Norris &
Michael Preece
DVD: R1, R2.
starring Chuck Norris.
1997 Taylor's Return Robert MacLennan Andrew Humeniuk VHS: ntsc
Neal was also associate producer
1996 Golden Will: The Silken Laumann Story, TV John Wallace Eric Till NA
John Wallace was a rower, Silken's boyfriend (and later husband)
1992 I'll Never Get to Heaven Carl Stefan Scaini NA
1990 Prom Night III: The Last Kiss. Andrew Douglas Ron Oliver &
Peter R. Simpson
DVD: R1, R2, R4.
1987 Police Academy 4: Citizens on Patrol extra Jim Drake DVD: R1, R2
1987 Echoes in the Darkness, TV day player Glenn Jordan VHS
Based on the Joseph Wambaugh novel .
Dylan Neal TV ROLES - (back to the top)
Series Title Title, Season x episode,
air date, overall number
Character Writer, Director, Availability, Etc
Ringer. 1x21, "It's Called Improvising, Bitch!", 10 April 2012 Washburn Milter W: Scott Nimerfro
D: Janice Cooke
90210. 4x16, "Babes in Toyland", 6 March 2012 William Paddington W: Liz Phang
D: Michael Zinberg
Flashpoint 4x8, "Slow Burn", 24 January 2012 Cpt. Simon Griggs W: Stephanie Morgenstern, Mark Ellis
D: Kelly Makin
Haven. 2x09, "Lockdown", 19 September 2011 Hugh Underwood W: Nora & Lilla Zuckerman
D: Jason Priestley
Based on the short story "The Colorado Kid" by Stephen King
DVD: R1, R2, BD A
Rizzoli & Isles. 2x02, "Living Proof", 18 July 2011 Dr. Hanson/Russell Dempsey W: Dee Johnson
D: Bethany Rooney
Based on the novels by Tess Gerritsen
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. 11x19, "Unleashed", 7 April 2011 Mr. Culver W: Anthony E. Zuiker, Ed Whitmore
D: Brad Tanenbaum
DVD: R1, R2
Life Unexpected. 2x03, "Criminal Incriminated", 28 September 2010 Bruce Jackson W: Taylor Hamra
D: Nick Marck
DVD: R1, The complete series
Smallville. 9x18, "Charade", 23 April 2010 Ray Sacks W:
D: Brian Wayne Peterson
DVD: R1, R2, R4
Human Target.. 1x05, "Run", 6 February 2010 Wes Gibson W:
D: Kevin Hooks
DVD: R1, R2
Smallville.. 9x08, "Idol", 13 November 2009 D.A. Ray Sacks W:
D: Glen Winter
DVD: R1, R2, R4
Murdoch Mysteries. 2x13, "Anything You Can Do", 27 May 2009 Sargeant Jasper Linney W: Laura Phillips
D: Kelly Makin
DVD: R2, R4
The L Word. 6x05, "Litmus Test.", 15 February 2009
6x06, "Lactose Intolerant.", 22 February 2009
Caleb Cooper W: 05: Angela Robinson,
06: Elizabeth Ziff
D: 05: Angela Robinson,
06: John Stockwell
Official L Word site
DVD: R1, R2, R4
Wild Roses.. 1x01, "Cowgirls..", 6 January 2009.
1x02, "Sisters and Brothers", 13 January 2009
1x03, "Friends and Rivals.", 20 January 2009
1x04, "Booms and Echoes.", 27 January 2009
1x05, "Secrets and Lies.", 3 February 2009
1x06, "Oil and Water.", 10 February 2009
Dillon W: Various
D: Various
Official CBC Wild Roses site
FaceBook group for Wild Roses
Wild Roses playlist
DVD: R2, Danish release
Stargate Atlantis.. 4x15, #75 "Outcast"
2008 Feb 01
Dave Sheppard,
brother of John S.
Story: Alan McCullough & Joe Flanigan
D: Andy Mikita
DVD: R1, R2
Psych. 2x11, #26, "There's Something About Mira"
2008 Jan 11
Jann W: Josh Bycel & Daniel Hsia
D: Joanna Kerns
DVD: R1, R2
Blood Ties. 1x01, "Blood Price, part 1", 11 March 2007.
1x02, "Blood Price, part 2", 11 March 2007.
1x03, "Bad JuJu", 18 March 2007.
1x04, "Gifted", 25 March 2007.
1x05, "Deadly Departed", 1 April 2007.
1x06, "Love Hurts", 8 April 2007.
1x07, "Heart of Ice", 15 April 2007.
1x08, "Heart of Fire", 22 April 2007.
1x09, "Stone Cold", 29 April 2007.
1x10, "Necrodrome", 6 May 2007.
1x11, "Post Partum", 13 May 2007.
1x12, "Norman", 20 May 2007.
1x13, "D.O.A.", 12 October 2007.
1x14, "Wild Blood", October 2007.
1x15, "5:55", October 2007.
1x16, "Bugged".
1x17, "The Devil You Know".
1x18, "Drawn & Quartered".
1x19, "Wrapped".
1x20, "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly".
1x21, "We'll Meet Again".
1x22, "Deep Dark".
Mike Celluci, police detective W: Various
D: Various
DVD: R2, R1
iTunes - for US residents only

For more details, visit BloodTiesCentral.com
The Jake Effect 1x06, "The Jerk Who Came in From the Cold",
2006 May 25
Robert W: Jonathan Groff
D: Rodman Flender
The War at Home 1x16, "Oh Grow Up", 2006 Mar 19 Dr. Jonathan Vogel W: Ryan Shankel
CSI: Miami 3x22, #70, "Vengeance", 2005 May 9 Patrick Hale W: Corey Miller & Sunil Nayar
D: Norberto Barba
DVD: R1, R2
Tyler Goucher played teenage Patrick Hale,
Kevin Hill 1x05, "Gods and Monsters", 2004 Nov 2 Trevor Mallard W: Denitria Harris-Lawrence &
Jorge A. Reyes
D: David Straiton
LAX 1x01, "Pilot", 2004 Sep 13 Harley's Date W: Nick Thiel
D: Anthony Russo & Joe Russo
I'm with Her. 1x,05 "The Weekend Away", 2003 Oct 21. John W: Bryan Behar & Steve Baldikoski
D: John Fortenberry
Sabrina, the Teenage Witch aka Sabrina aka Sabrina Goes to College 7x13, #154, "Sabrina in Wonderland", 31 January 2003
7x14, #155, "Present Perfect", 7 February 2003
7x15, #156, "Cirque du Sabrina", 14 February 2003
7x16, #157, "Getting to Nose You", 21 February 2003
7x17, #158, "Romance Looming", 27 February 2003
7x18, #159, "Spellmanian Slip", 20 March 2003
7x19, #160, "You Slay Me", 27 March 2003
7x20, #161, "A Fish Tale", 17 April 2003
7x21, #162, "What a Witch Wants", 24 April 2003
7x22, #163, "Soul Mates", 24 April 2003
Aaron Jacobs W: Various
D: Various
DVD: R1, R4
She Spies. 1x03, "Poster Girl", 2002 Aug 3. Dr. Ellison W: Vince Manze & Joe Livecchi &
Steven Long Mitchell & Craig W. Van Sickle
D: Bethany Rooney
Relic Hunter
aka Relic Hunter - Die Schatzjägerin
Sydney Fox l'aventurière
3x12, #56, "Women Want to Know", 2002 Jan 21 Zack W: Charles Heit
D: George Mendeluk
R1, R4
Thieves 1x04, "Bad Moon Rising", 2001 Oct 19 Drew W: James Frawley
D: James Frawley
It's Like, You Know... 2x10, #17, "Summer of '42", 1999 Dec 22 Kevin W: Etan Cohen
D: Leonard R. Garner Jr.
JAG 5x01, #86, "King of the Greenie Board", 21 September 1999
5x03, #88, "True Callings", 5 October 1999
5x10, #95, "Mishap", 30 November 1999
Lt. Dalton 'Boomer' Jonas W: Various
D: Various
DVD: R1, R4
Hyperion Bay 1x01, "Pilot" 21 September 1998
1x02, "The Cookie Crumbles" 28 Sep 1998
1x03, "Static" 5 Oct 1998
1x04, "Family Business" 12 Oct 1998
1x05, "Temptation and Responsibility" 19 Oct 1998
1x06, "Some Common Words and Phrases" 26 Oct 1998
1x07, "Save the Last Dance for Me" 2 Nov 1998
1x08, "House Guests and Fish" 16 Nov 1998
1x09, "The Rope" 23 Nov 1998
1x10, "The Weight of the World" 1 Jan 1999
1x11, "Young and on Fire" 25 Jan 1999
1x12, "Truth or Consequences" 27 Jan 1999
1x13, "The Takeover" 1 Feb 1999
1x14, "Strange Days" 8 Feb 1999
1x15, "Valentine's Bay" 15 Feb 1999
1x16, "With Friends Like These..." 22 Feb 1999
1x17, "A Matter of Trust" 1 Mar 1999)
Nick Sweeney W: Various
D: Various
Working 1x22, "The Brown Noser", 1998 May 13 Royce W: Mark Wilding & Marsha Myers
D: Andrew Tsao
Honey, I Shrunk the Kids: The TV Show 1x20, "Honey, the Garbage Is Taking Us Out",
1998 Apr 30
Roger Persimmons W: Jeff Vlaming
D: Scott McGinnis
Dawson's Creek 1x05., "Hurricane", 17 Feb 1998.
1x06., "Baby", 24 Feb 1998.
1x13., "Decisions", 19 May 1998.
3x05., #40, "Indian Summer", 27 Oct 1999.
3x14., #49, "Valentine's Day Massacre", 2 Feb 2000.
3x15., #50, "Crime & Punishment", 9 Feb 2000.
3x18., #53, "Neverland", 5 Apr 2000.
3x20., #55, "The Longest Day", 3 May 2000.
3x23., #58, "True Love", 24 May 2000.
4x01, #59, "Coming Home", 4 Oct 2000
4x08, #66, "The Unusual Suspects", 22 Nov 2000
4x12, #70, "The Te of Pacey", 17 Jan 2001
4x18, #76, "Eastern Standard Time", 18 Apr 2001
4x22, #80, "The Graduate", 16 May 2001
5x02, #83, "The Lost Weekend", 17 Oct 2001
6x10., #114, "Merry Mayhem" 11 Dec 2002.
6x16., #120, "That Was Then", 26 Mar 2003.
6x22., #126, "Joey Potter and Capeside Redemption",
7 May 2003.
6x23., #127, "All Good Things...", 14 May 2003.
6x24., #128, "...Must Come to an End", 14 May 2003.
Doug Witter W: Various
D: Various
DVD: R1, R2, R4
All seasons available on DVD
Profiler 2x11, "Ties That Bind", 1998 Feb 07 Philip Nichols W: Cynthia Saunders & Kim Moses
D: Ian Sander
Pacific Palisades 1x07, "Past & Present Danger", 18 Jun 1997
1x08, "Desperate Measure", 25 Jun 1997
1x09, "Best Laid Plans", 2 Jul 1997
1x10, "Private Showing", 9 Jul 1997
1x11, "Motherly Love", 16 Jul 1997
1x12, "Sweet Revenge", 23 Jul 1997
1x13, "End Game", 30 Jul 1997
Cory Robins W: Various
D: Various
Life with Roger 1x0,6 "The Man with the Golden Charm", 1997 Mar 03 Collin, the Exterminator W: Rick Hawkins & Nancylee Myatt
D: Rod Daniel
Moloney 1x14, "Herniated Nick", 1997 Feb 06 Actor W:
D: Jerry Jameson
NA James Marsters also guest star
The Bold and the Beautiful
aka Glamour
Hundreds of episodes between 1994 and 1997 Dylan Shaw W: Various
Kung Fu: The Legend Continues 1x19, "I Never Promised You a Rose Garden", 1993 Nov 15 Jim Reardon W: Michael Sloan
D: John Wood
DVD: R2, German release
Class of '96 1x11, "The Best Little Frat House at Havenhurst". 1993 Mar 30 Phillip W: Raymond Hartung
D: Sandy Smolan
Sweating Bullets
aka Tropical Heat
3x13, "The Last of the Magnificent", 1993 Feb 22 River Rhodes W: Jim Henshaw
NA Season one is available on R1 DVD
Secret Service 1x06, "Curiosity Killed the Cat/Murder, He Broke", 1992 Oct 25 Bo Riddley W: Eugene Levy & Michael Short
D: John Bell
Maniac Mansion 1x03, "Trapped Like Rats", 1990 Oct 1 Bo Riddley W: Eugene Levy & Michael Short
D: John Bell
E.N.G. 2x08, "All in the Game", 1990 Jan 1 Kevin Wilkes NA. Starring Mark Humphrey, Art Hindle, Sara Botsford.
My Secret Identity 2x05, "Heading for Trouble", 1989 Oct 30 Shaun W:
War of the Worlds 2x04, "Terminal Rock", 1989 Oct 23 Scavenger 1 W: John Groves
D: Gabriel Pelletier
NA Only season one was released on R1 DVD.
Starring Jared Martin
Learning the Ropes 1x06, ?, probably 1988 Nov High School Hunk W:
Summer Storm, mini series 1988 Oct 15 ? W:
Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future 1x15, "A Summoning of Thunder: Part 1",
1988 Feb 07
1x16, "A Summoning of Thunder: Part 2",
1988 Feb 14
Young Jonathan Power W: J. Michael Straczynski
D: Otta Hanus
Dylan Neal SHORTS
Year made Title Role Director Availability, Etc
2005 Mute James Melissa Joan Hart NA
SHORT, 15 minutes, comedy

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