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Dylan is teaching at Dylan Neal Studio.
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StarryMag interview, 2007, May
StarryMag Podcast 2007, May, 2 mb, 6:38 minutes
B5 Rangers interview on scifi.com, 2001

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Dylan Neal livejournal community
Dylan Neal fanlisting
Doug Witter fanlisting - Dylan Neal's character on Dawson's Creek.


Lots of Dylan pictures at moonties.com
Dylan pictures at Provocateuse
From The Bold and the Beautiful at Soaphunks

Blood Ties links

BloodTiesCentral.com - my Blood Ties fan site
SaveBloodTies.org - the umbrella site for ALL the Saving Blood Ties efforts. Please visit daily, comment, and learn what you can do to help.
Moonties - Italian fan site for Moonlight and Blood Ties - with forum


MegaCon - a convention in Orlando, FL.
RingCon - a convention in Bonn, Germany