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2012 May 23 - Dylan's got a website!

Dylan Neal is back in California and teaching when he's not acting - check out his website at Dylan Neal Studio.
You can also follow Dylan Neal on Twitter or like Dylan Neal on Facebook.

2011 October 8 - Happy Birthday Dylan!

Dylan Neal in Human Target episode 1x05
To celebrate I've updated the filmography - many more of Dylan's TV episodes are now available on DVD ... "Wild Roses" for one. And of course more movies.

2010 November 1 - RingCon gallery and interview

I've started on a gallery from RingCon - more photos to come.

And on the video page I've added an interview I did with Dylan at RingCon.

2010 October 8 - Happy Birthday Dylan!

I hope you will have a great day with family and friends - and possibly a nice present or two. And may the next year be the best yet.

See you soon in Bonn at RingCon!

September 28, Dylan guest starred on "Life Unexpected", episode 2x03, playing Bruce Jackson, a businessman being wooed by a company. Dylan Neal in Life Unexpected

2010 July 4 - a gallery for Percy Jackson & the Lightning Thief

Percy Pics - not many since the role was so small.

2010 June 14 - Two New Headshots posted

In the head shots gallery - the two at the upper left.

Not long to GateCon in Vancouver now!

Live Chat promotion of Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief

There's a live chat for the movie Friday January 29th:


About Percy Jackson Movie Digital Junket:

Meet the cast and be the first to see a clip from this upcoming film. This is a live event from atop the Acropolis in Greece.

9:25 AM Athens/ 8:25 AM Paris/ 7:25 AM London 5: 25 AM Sao Paolo/ 3:25 PM Beijing/ 6:25 PM Sydney
Chat room opens at the top of the hour, i.e. 9:00 AM Athens. +++++++++++++ Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack will be available to download worldwide on Feb 8th and on CD in the US! Visit Amazon.com for more info and to pre-order: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0032EZC04/& tag=httpwwwabkcoc-20

Webmoster: I have no idea whether Dylan is included - but it should still be fun!

Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief - premieres soon!

Dylan Neal plays Hermes

In most countries, the movie premieres February 11 or 12 - check IMDB for local Percy Jackson Release Dates

Also keep an eye on ebay - there are more Blood Ties props coming up for auction.

Blood Ties props on ebay!

Cancel Christmas! THIS is what you want to spend your money on!

I just got this email from someone at Kaleidoscope (the company that produced Blood Ties):


I just put up some original props & wardrobe from Blood Ties on eBay, and I'll have lots more going up in the next few days.
Everything is 100% original and used on the show - I am working with the producers of the show.
Email bloodtiesauctions if you have any questions or if there is anything in particular you are looking for!

Head on over to eBay and check it out.


Posted December 3, 2009 (you can do an advanced search for seller: bloodtiesauctions)
And don't worry - they DO ship worldwide.

2009 December 3 -

Dylan's movie Stormseekers will be released in the UK January 25, 2010 - it has already been released in the Netherlands. Daryl Hannah also stars in the movie.

2009 November 24 -

Learn about the Percy Jackson version of Hermes, played by Dylan Neal
You can watch different trailers on PercyJacksonTheMovie.com

2009 November 14 - added several new galleries

Psych, Stargate Atlantis, MegaCon, Smallville, Locusts and press clippings.
Plus several new head shots from Dylan :-)

2009 November 09 - two new galleries and a new movie

Two photos from Dylan's episode of Smallville, airing Friday the 13th November, plus a gallery from his 1998-1999 TV series Hyperion Bay

New role for Dylan: Dark Places
"Grady suffers from multiple personality disorder.
Lara doesn't know she just angered the most dangerous one"
No details yet on which role Dylan plays ...

2009 October 29 - trailer for "Mr. Nobody"

Dylan Neal as detective Alexander Black in "Mr. Nobody"
Dylan Neal as detective Alexander Black

You can watch the trailer at BD Horror News

Found on IMDB: Dylan plays Wes Gibson in his "Human Target" episode.


I hope you have a wonderful day - and a not too hard day at work.
And a wonderful celebration with family and friends.

Did you realise that Dylan shares his birthday with Sigourney Weaver(60), Matt Damon(39), Chevy Chase(66), Kristianna Loken(30) and Stephanie Zimbalist(53)?

This is more like a gift for the fans - we now have more to look forward to:
This summer, Dylan was also in a film called "Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief" - he played the Greek god Hermes - Chris Columbus directed.
It's a comedy/fantasy and the movie is based on a novel written by Rick Riordan.
Percy Jackson on IMDB, Official Percy Jackson site. Logan Lerman plays Percy.

September 29 the psychological thriller "Mr. Nobody" started shooting in Vancouver.
Val Kilmer stars and Dylan plays Detective Alexander Black. Stargate Atlantis favorite Paul McGillion co-stars in "Mr. Nobody" - he plays a character called Pine. John Cassini also stars and Michael Oblowitz directs.

There are also two guest star roles - one on "Human Target" and the other on Smallville. I don't have any details on Dylan's "Human Target" role - it's all very hush, hush, but on "Smallville", he will play D.A. Ray Sacks ....

2009 October 6 - No Dylan at RingCon

Unfortunately Dylan had to cancel his attendance at RingCon because of work.
Dylan's fans aren't really lucky with conventions - Jumpcon was cancelled and fans lost their money. FrightCon was cancelled - but at least people got their money back or were transferred to RingCon.
And then Dylan got work just before RingCon.
At least we got lucky with MegaCon in Orlando - and hopefully we will again with GateCon in Vancouver 2010.

September 29 he started filming an indie movie called "Mr. Nobody" - Val Kilmer co-stars.
Congratulations on the work - I just wish they could have started shooting one week later.

However, the RingCon leaflet for 2010 has listed Blood Ties at the top of the front page, so who knows - maybe we get a second chance in 2010. The RingCon 2010 site is not open yet, but I'll keep an eye on it.

2009 August 21 - Wallpapers and 2010 convention

Added 4 new wall papers by Foxy.
And a convention in 2010 GateCon in Vancouver.
GateCon is mainly a Stargate themed convention.

2009 June 28 - Competition closed

The competition for the Blood Ties DVD closed on June 15, and the winner has already received her prize. Thanks to everyone who participated, and to Eagle Rock Entertainment for supplying the prize.

2009 May 27 - Win the first season of Blood Ties on US DVD

Visit BloodTiesCentral to see how.

2009 May 18 - Dylan Neal at RingCon, Blood Ties US DVD release

Due to low ticket sales, FrightCon has been cancelled - however Dylan Neal has instead been invited to RingCon - please read the details on the Convention page

According to Eagle Rock Entertainment, the US relelase of the "first season" of Blood Ties on DVD is still scheduled for a June 2nd release - and not delayed to June 23 as has been reported.
So time will tell what the actual date is ...

2009 April 14 - Dylan Neal in The L-Word

Added 2 episodes of The L-Word to the filmography:
6x05, "Litmus Test", aired 2009 February 15 and 6x06, "Lactose Intolerant", aired 2009 February 22.

2009-February-16 - Dylan Neal at FrightCon

Dylan Neal has signed up for FrightCon in Bonn, Germany this summer - read more on the Convention page

2009-02-09 - Dylan Neal in Wild Roses

Dylan Neal as Dillon in episode one of Wild Roses.
As far as I know, he's in at least 6 episodes.
The series is currently airing on CBC in Canada - it's Dallas Meets McGregor's Daughters, it's "Welcome to the New West".

Dylan Neal as Dillon in Wild Roses 1x01

2008-07-16 - Jumpcons cancelled

Jumpcon has cancelled all of their conventions - read more on the Convention page


Today the fan financed ad starts running on Variety.com.

Dylan Neal is currently filming Hurricane Hunter, co-starring Darryl Hannah.


This was announced yesterday:
Thanks to the Ad Committee, the fans donated more than $3,500 to pay for an ad to be run on the online version of Variety Magazine.

Read all about it on the Save Blood Ties Ad Comittee site


SaveBloodTies.org - the umbrella site for ALL the Saving Blood Ties efforts. Please visit daily, comment, and learn what you can do to help.


Friday, April 11 th at 21:00, Virgin 1 in the UK. will start airing Blood Ties.

Virgin 1 is quite a bit bigger than Living where Blood Ties aired the first time around smile

Now I just keep my fingers crossed that SFX - The Earth's Greatest SF and Fantasy Magazine profiles the cast on their pages. Maybe a letter to the editors would help ... or posting on their forum ...

Blood Ties is also airing on Space in Canada, Monday night.


Added 4 new conventions


Dylan Neal as Dave Sheppard in Stargate Atlantis 4x15

Dylan Neal as Dave Sheppard in Stargate Atlantis 4x15
Dylan Neal played Col. Sheppard's brother Dave in Stargate Atlantis episode 4x15, "Outcast". The episode aired on SciFi on February 1st, 2008.

Bold and Beautiful Backtracks Dylan Shaw from January 30th.
Great news that they want him back - but I'd rather see him in more Blood Ties episodes.

Be sure to visit the Save Blood Ties campaign page on BloodTiesCentral


Dylan Neal as Jann in Psych 2x11
Dylan Neal played Jann in the Psych episode "There's Something About Mira".

NB! There are 11 days left of the "WIN Blood Ties on DVD" competition!


First sign your name on the Blood Ties Map on Frapper - you don't have to sign up, but they do want your email address.

And then go read this:
E!Online 's Watch With Kristin - Could Blood Ties be back? You can both vote for Blood Ties there and add a comment.

NB! There are 15 days left of the "WIN Blood Ties on DVD" competition!


Cover art of the UK Blood Ties DVD box set, 1,1 MB


For your chance to win Blood Ties Season 1 on DVD along with a brand new IPod Shuffle, send in a picture of your best vampire impression along with your name and address to

The competition ends Januey 25th.


BLOOD TIES will start in Spring 2008 on German TV, airing on RTL2.

Thanks to Claudia for the info.

2007 December 14

Dylan agreed that the Blood Ties fans could use some cheering up, so he sent a cheerful picture.
You can find it in the new Candids Gallery

2007 November 02 - BIG Bloodties push!

Blood Ties needs all the love it can get!
Express yours by using the Feedback Form at CityTV and sending emails to Space at space@spacecast.com.
And keep posting at Hey! Nielsen.com

In this case, we're all honorary Canadians ;-)

2007 October 20 - Post about Blood Ties on Hey! Nielsen

Nielsen who rates all US shows has a new site where members can post,
Hey! Nielsen.com - Fortunately is looks like they are open to non-US member too, so please sign up, get busy and post!
We want to see Dylan Neal in 22 more episodes - at LEAST!

2007 October 08

It's Dylan Neal's BIRTHDAY TODAY! Congratulations Dylan - many happy returns and I hope you'll have a great day. Check the guestbook for Birthday greetings from your fans.

2007 September 30

No news yet - except for this site going online.
But that's pretty new news, right?