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Interview with Dylan Neal at RingCon 2010

At RingCon October 17, 2010 in Bonn Germany, I was able to interview Dylan Neal.

Many thanks to RingCon and Brigitte Scherr for making this possible.
Also many thanks to Diana for camera and editing.

Dylan Neal also made everyone laugh at the RingCon press conference

Video clips

"Mute" - 14:36 minutes long
Directed by Melissa Joan Hart.
Starring Emily Hart, Emily Deschanel, with Dylan Neal.
Year: 2005.

"Blood Ties" (2007) - trailer

"Cradle of Lies" (2006) - trailer

"Locusts" (2005) - clip

Dawson's Creek" (2003) - clip

"The President's Man" (2000) - short clip

"The Bold and the Beautiful" - (1:50)
Jessica bids farewell to Dylan
Embedding was disabled for this clip - sorry.