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October 2010 Dylan Neal and his Blood Ties co-star Kyle Schmid plus Blood Ties author Tanya Huff were guests at RingCon in Bonn, Germany.

Dylan participated in the Kiwi improv - he had to confess to murdering Haldir, using a toothbrush as the weapon and the reason is he wanted Haldir's passport. The challenge was, that the Kiwis had to give him verbal clues about those three things - without saying the words outright.
The Kiwis had great trouble giving clues to Dylan about Haldir, so it ended up being the place bad people go after they die and Bambi's mother - Hell-Deer.
Dylan didn't even get what was meant, but it sounded right so the answer was accepted.
Funny thing was, that the guy who played Haldir in Lord of the Rings was actually one of the Kiwis giving the hints - Craig Parker.
For those who might not know, people from New Zealand are called Kiwis.

Thanks to Tschiponnique Skupin from Future Image for the use of these images.

Here's a teaser from the next group of photos I'm adding, all © Diana Rumpf